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Step-by-Step through a typical project


1) First, you provide us with some basic details

PLEASE NOTE: It’s best to email us using our Secure Contact Form (click the button below) so we can capture the important details to start with.
In case we’re out in the field and can’t get to the phone, it gives us an idea of what you’re looking for before we call back.
You can also text us. Just please provide the same details listed on the form below.
We try to respond to all inquiries within 2 to 24 hours but sometimes it can take up to 72 hours.

2) We’ll Respond to Book a Site Visit

Along with meeting you in person, a proper site visit gives us a first hand look at any variables, the scope of the work, etc. so we can provide the most reasonable and realistic cost estimate.
We do site visits through the week, so we find a time that works and book it in!

3) Site Visit & Capture Info

We meet with you in person, do a site walkabout, take pictures/video and make notes to review later so we can produce an accurate estimate for you. We discuss the tasks at hand, your budget, timing etc.
We work to get you the estimate within 24-72 hours.

4) We Prepare and Send You an Estimate and Agreement

Back at the office, we walk through the notes and break down what needs to be done to produce a detailed estimate and potential schedule to review with you.
A clear and detailed outline of the job specific expectations and deliverables is given in the form of an Agreement along with every estimate.

We email our estimates and agreement through our online job management platform, or we can print it out and review in person.

5) Review and Discuss the Estimate/Agreement

Our estimates are always open to discussion, explanation and adjustments so once you have looked it over, we chat about it, make sure everything is 100% clear and move to either Approval or Revisions.

6) Approval or Revisions

If we need to revise the estimate, we do that and resubmit for approval.
Approval of an estimate is a simple ‘2-click’ process through our online platform where we manage and schedule all projects.

7) Scheduling and Securing time

Once we receive approval online, we will look at our calendar again and reach out to you with some dates to see what works best for you. Once you approve a date/time frame, we secure the dates/times on our calendar.

8) Reminders – Follow Ups

With every job, one time or repeat service, we will stay in touch as the date of service gets closer and make sure we’re on track.

9) The Actual Work

We show up properly uniformed so you know it’s us, we carry proper insurance and Worksafe coverage just to be safe, take some Before pictures, make some outdoor magic happen and take After pictures.
If need be, we meet with you as we go to make sure everything is to your expectations then clean up, pack up and go.

10) Deposits and Payments

All regularly scheduled, weekly, biweekly and monthly upkeep is billed at the time each service is completed and payment is due on receipt.

If a project will extend over several days or longer, or involves the purchase of materials, we may require a deposit to secure the dates. We may also request payment after each stage of completion, depending on the time frame.

All final invoices are due on receipt at project completion.

11) Google/Facebook Review Request

As reviews are super helpful to any business, especially small, family owned , local ones, we may kindly request an online review from you if you don’t mind.

A basic look at how we price jobs

With many years as homeowners, as consumers, and as professionals delivering a wide range of services to thousands of people and businesses, we believe in a 100% no-nonsense approach to everything.
We price jobs based on what needs to be done and on the level of quality and customer service we deliver.

We insist on the best from ourselves and we deliver that to whomever hires our GGandG services.
As owners and operators of the business, we stand behind every word we say and the work we do.


Some jobs are simple and straightforward and we just show up, get it done and go.
Others take a few days or more and some require more detailed planning, materials, deliveries, more equipment and involve more skilled, challenging work.
Some jobs are planned over a full year and executed at scheduled times through the seasons.

Regardless of the job, we work out the sharpest prices we can, keep them open for discussion and see what we can do for what you have to work with. We are always approachable on pricing.

If you send us your info via our Contact Page, we can check out the property on Google Earth to have a starting idea of what we are looking at and discuss some details on the phone.

When it comes to the actual quote (because every property is unique and has different variables that come into play) a formal cost estimate will be worked out after the site visit.

Again, all actual costs/quotes we submit for approval are based on an in-person site visit so we can meet you and see exactly what needs to be done.


‘Mow and Go’ Lawn Maintenance Services
– Start at $45

This is most often part of a week to week, scheduled maintenance contract where we literally show up, mow and go.
– Includes two GGandG Pros on site*
– Always includes mowing, string trimming and blowing clean.
– Starting pricing is for a simple smaller yard, square in shape, no obstacles.

Costs increases come into play when:
The square footage increases, if accessibility is limiting, if there is excess green waste removal off site, how long/how many passes are needed and each element that adds time or difficulty to the process.
– Costs can also increase if there are dog poops to clean up and furniture or other objects to move and move back.
– Discounts are available based on certain criteria (i.e.: pairing with other services, proximity to other sites)

Basic Property Upkeep, Beautification and Clean Ups
– Start at $345

– Two GGandG Pros on site for a minimum of 3 hours*
– Can be for a range of basic services including simple leaf removal
– Costs increase with each element that adds time or difficulty to the process.

Additional services with additional costs:
– On-site bin for excess green waste removal
– Debris removal and dumping
– Soil and Mulch delivery
– Plant shopping and delivery
– Materials installations
– Landscape, garden and yard design

* The # of GGandG Pros On site:
We always show up as 2 workers on site but on occasion this may not be possible in which case 1 person may perform the service but take twice as long or less.

On larger jobs, we may have 3 or more workers on site. That is determined during the site visit and estimating process and clearly outlined in the costs we present.

We will always keep you in the loop.

We are proud Sponsors of Food Bank on Wheels

We are proud to support, contribute to and volunteer with the locally operated Food Bank on Wheels who provide delivery of perishable and non-perishable food hampers to Single Parent Families dealing with Illnesses or Disabilities that prevent them from being able to get to regular food banks.

They do amazingly good-hearted work and are always in need of support.

If you would like to make a donation or find out more about their mission, go to:
Go to the Food Bank on Wheels Site

Proud members of the Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce

We love supporting local and being part of the community. The local Chamber of Commerce is doing some amazing work and we’re proud to be one of it’s members 🙂 

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